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Who We Are

Hi! Welcome! Wondering who we are? We are Kids Get Fit. We are a nonprofit organization in Corpus Christi, Texas. Founded in 2014 with an aim to combat and prevent childhood obesity and diabetes. The mission of Kids Get Fit is to promote healthy lifestyles for children and families whose health may be at-risk through exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness.

It all started out when Corpus Christi was named the fattest city in America back in 2010 according to Men’s Health Magazine. This prompted our founder, Victor Betancourt, to start up a city wide challenge called the V Fit Challenge, with the goal of getting the public motivated to get up and move.

In 2011, V Fit Training Center, Betancourt’s own personal training studio, was asked by the local Boys and Girls Club of Corpus Christi to conduct a fitness class once a week. He quickly said yes. The first day they arrived to conduct their first fitness class, they were taken aback when they opened the doors to the gym. Victor immediately turned to his business partner, Gabriel Lucido, and said, “This is where we need to start, not with the adults we have been working with…these kids need our help.”

Upon completing their first class, the director was informed they would commit to teaching a fitness class twice a week and at no cost. Fitness classes then turned into adding kids yoga, nutrition lessons, Zumba and a running club.

Fast forward to 2020, we have implemented our program within the Corpus Christi School District and are now partnered with the Parks and Recreation Department to offer our classes at their recreation facilities.

We have had our study received and accepted by The American Academy of Pediatrics and just recently this year by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Kids Get Fit has reached over 2300 kids and will continue to grow.


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